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Feeding & Swallowing Program

Feeding Program: Welcome

Our Approach

EVIDENCE-BASED: We utilize strategies associated with SOFFI, Beckman Oral Motor Approach, SOS Approach to feeding therapy, Feeding & Swallowing Hierarchy, positioning and adaptive equipment, manual techniques, strengthening of oral motor structures, grading levels of support and expectations.

INTER-PROFESSIONAL: Feeding needs are COMPLEX! Our inter-professional team deploys a team-based approach to support each child's unique feeding needs. Our team includes occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists and a dietician to help support the outcomes for each of our families!

DYNAMIC: To meet the needs of our children and families, our care plans are highly tailored and inclusive of a variety of intervention approaches, tools, positions, equipment, environments, and sensory strategies. Our plans are constantly changing as our children progress with their outcomes.

Feeding Program: Welcome

Feeding & Swallowing Providers

Our Team of Speech & Occupational Therapists Specifically Trained in Feeding/Swallowing Intervention


Christina Gagosian MS, OTR/L

Complex feeding needs, dysphagia, oral motor skills, sensory-based feeding strategies, diet expansion


Danielle Elson CCC-SLP

Dysphagia, oral motor skills, complex feeding needs, infant feeding


Chelsea Maziarz MS, OTR/L, CAS

Medically Complex Infant Feeding


Laura Collins COTA/L

Diet expansion, oral motor, sensory-based feeding strategies


Justine Rotz MS, OTR/L

Oral motor skills, complex feeding, sensory-based feeding, diet expansion, dysphagia


Becki Rebello MS, OTR/L

Infant feeding, breastfeeding, tethered oral tissues

Feeding Program: Meet the Team

Signs of Feeding or Swallowing Issues

Behaviors During Feeding

Arches back, stiffens, cries, fusses, falls asleep, gets stuffy, coughs, gags, spits, throws up, uncoordinated breathing while feeding or eating, falls asleep

Challenges with Textures

Refuses various textures, eats 10 or less foods, only eats certain textures

Behaviors After Feeding

Spits up or throws up, drools a lot, has liquid coming out of nose or mouth, has gurgly, hoarse or breathy voice

Feeding Program: List
beautiful six months old toddler smeared face with porridge and plays with bowl, concept o
Feeding Program: Image

Challenges We Can Help With

Difficulty breastfeeding or transitioning from breast to bottle

Difficulty with beginning textures or advancing textures

Difficulty with self-feeding: hands to mouth, use of utensils

Choking, gagging, or vomiting when eating

Feeding tube dependency, decreased oral intake, decreased calorie intake

Refusal of foods, liquids, or textures, tantrums during meal time

Feeding Program: List
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Common Diagnoses We Help Treat

Dysphagia, pediatric feeding disorder, gastroesophageal reflux, gastric motility disorders, palate defects, Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory aversion, failure to thrive, prematurity, oral motor dysfunction, dysphagia, and many more!

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Expected Outcomes

-> Increasing the awareness and coordination of oral structures 
-> Coordinating breathing with sucking and swallowing
-> Increases food textures and liquid thickness
-> Decreasing negative behaviors during meal times
-> Decreasing sensory aversion or sensitivity to tactile experiences (hands/mouth) sights, sounds, smells at meal times
-> Proper positioning for safety in eating and swallowing
-> Increasing variety of foods and calories

Feeding Program: List
Nursing Newborn

Let's Get Started!

Call to schedule your evaluation today!

During our evaluation we will review medical concerns and assess oral motor skills, swallowing skills, nutritional concerns, and behavioral concerns associated with mealtimes.

Feeding Program: Image
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