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Therapy Services

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Children Jumping on Trampoline
Girl Blowing Bubbles

Occupational Therapy

OT works with children on a variety of skills including fine motor control, visual motor skills, sensory and emotional regulation, feeding, upper extremity strength and coordination and self care tasks! Our state of the art sensory gym allows children to learn integral sensory modulation skills through safe and positive engagement in their environment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children develop the strength and coordination needed to sit, roll, crawl, stand, walk, climb, jump, kick and throw balls, ride bikes and so many other fun play skills! Our physical therapy team works with kiddos of all ages to develop gross motor skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists work with children to improve language skills including expressive and receptive language, fluency, cognition,  and social communication.  Speech therapy also addresses swallowing deficits such as dysphagia!

PT/OT/SPEECH: Our Services
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